The Institute for Contemporary and Comparative Literature (ICCL) explores current conceptions and practices of both ‘the contemporary’ and ‘comparative literature’, and works towards (re)definitions of these fit for the twenty-first century. Launched in 2010, the Institute hosts seminars, workshops and conferences, operating alongside a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

Two Leverhulme grants related to the Institute have been secured: a Visiting Professor Award (Jan.-May 2015) and an International Network Award (2015-2018: see menu). A Writers in Residence programme was launched in 2017.

Forthcoming Events



Comparative Literature and…

Friday 16 Feb. 2018, 5pm Buchanan 216: Thinking comparatively from the Mediterranean. Prof. Lucia Boldrini (English & Comparative Literature, Goldsmiths)

Wednesday 7 March 2018, 4pm Buchanan 216:  From duality to mobility: translation, comparison and transnational circulation. Prof. Loredana Polezzi (Translation Studies, Cardiff University)

Wednesday 4 April 2018, 4 pm Buchanan 216. Planetary Figurations: World Literature, Indiscipline, and the Future of Higher Education. Dr Florian Mussgnug (Italian and Comparative Literature, UCL)

Wednesday 18 April, 4 pm Buchanan 216. Comparative Literature and Petroculture / Energy Humanities. Dr Graeme Macdonald (English & Comparative Literary Studies, Univ. of Warwick.

Tuesday 24 April 2018, 4 pm Quad 30. World-Literature in French: from travel to migration. Prof. Charles Forsdick (French, University of Liverpool)